Community Reentry

There are 11 District Offices located throughout the State and they are aligned with the Superior Courts. These offices are run by a professional staff consisting of probation parole officers and support staff and each office is supervised by a Chief probation parole officer.

The Division of Rehabilitative Services begins the process of Community Reentry while the resident is still incarcerated by providing education, training, skills, spirituality, and personal development opportunities, which encourage positive work habits, promote pro-social behaviors and prepare residents for re-entry to the community.

The Division also oversees three transitional housing units (THUs): Shea Farm, Calumet, and North End, the transitional work center (TWC), case management in all departmental facilities, two parole offices and Correctional industries.

The Division also oversees the management of the State Targeted Response (STR) Grant, the Granite State High School, Career and Technology Center, all resources that aid in successful reentry into the community.

The Transitional Work Center (TWC) and Transitional Housing Units (THU) assist residents in the last two years of their incarceration in preparation for re-entry to their communities. At TWC, residents are reintroduced into the community through supervised educational training (building trades), work opportunities, and job-shadowing. At the THUs, residents are working in the communities to further prepare them for daily life after prison.

Once a resident is placed on Parole, the Division of Field Services takes over.

The Division of Field Services provides supervision to individuals placed on probation, parole, administrative home confinement as well as conducts pre-sentencing investigations, annulments and is responsible for the collection of fines, fees and restitution.

Supervised probation is when an individual has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony and is released by the Courts into the community instead of serving time in prison. Field Services is responsible for supervising and assisting with rehabilitating these individuals.

Supervised parole works in conjunction with the Adult Parole Board who may permit the early release of a prisoner from the New Hampshire State Prison System and agrees to abide by certain conditions. These individuals are also supervised by Field Services and continued efforts are made to rehabilitate these individuals and assist with the transition from prison to the community.

Administrative home confinement (AHC) is another form of release from the NH State prison system. When residents are approved for AHC, they are released to be confined to their homes with certain parameters. They are supervised by Field Services and their location is checked through electronic monitoring and home visits.

When a Court orders fines, fees, or restitution to a victim, Field Services is responsible for these collections. Case technicians work alongside Probation Parole Officers to ensure these monies are collected and distributed.